Preschool Arts and Music

We are excited to offer 45 minute long preschool classes that introduce little ones to fine arts on a fun level.  Combining age appropriate books, musical selections, fine art paintings, and hands on art activities, these classes introduce preschoolers to great composers, artists, and entertaining stories.  Offered weekly in small groups for 6 week sessions, these groups are awesome opportunities for kids to learn about patterns, sounds, letters, counting, colors, rhythm in hands on settings.

Price is $8 per child, per class. Registration is required.

Email for schedule and registration information




Piano Lessons for Preschoolers


I am so excited to offer individual piano lessons to preschool aged children using WUNDERKEYS, Piano for Preschoolers!!  This is a fabulous, intentionally crafted program that combines the skills needed for music and math and presents them in a fun, imaginative manner that your little one will love.  The program teaches the basic skills that beginning pianists need to learn in a way that preschoolers can  enjoy.   While teaching musical concepts, children learn to recognize, sort, sequence patterns in a mathematical way. This program not only teaches piano, but it brings the right and left sides of the brain together to increase learning and focus at a time when children’s brains are absorbing information and developing abilities that they will use forever.

Please check out the Parent Information below and email today to find out how to enroll your preschooler!

Parent Information  – wunderkeysparents


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