” In this short time, my son has come a long way; primarily due to Alisa’s excellent teaching skills. Not only is Alisa a phenomenal teacher but she is very good with the kids and she is very patient. The piano recital earlier this year was a testament to her instruction and a big success. All of the kids did very well and they were all very proud of themselves. Alisa is also very friendly and accommodating to parents as well. I would recommend Alisa to anyone looking for a piano instructor for a child or adult. She is simply wonderful and a pleasure to do business with.”  – Sandra

“Alisa has taught my two children (ages 10 and 13) piano.  I have found Alisa to be very accommodating, patient and encouraging.  My kids look forward to their lessons because Alisa tries to make the music something they can relate to and she’s open to their input as well as mine.”     – Christine

 “Alisa is simply amazing!
Within the past 2 years my daughter has grown so much with her. She was 5 when she started and had never played before. Now with a little practice she plays beautifully. Alisa has so much patience and is a complete joy. She makes you feel right at home. My daughter absolutely loves her and looks forward to her lessons.“Learn music through life and learn life through music” – Lang Lang
 – Happy Mom


“In the short time that I have known Alisa, I have come to know her as a dedicated teacher and musician.  My daughter has been learning piano under her careful tutelage for less than a year, but in that time she has grown by leaps and bounds in both her ability to read music and in her own self-confidence.

Alisa has managed to unlock a gift in my daughter which has allowed her to blossom musically and without inhibition.  What she has learned in such a brief period of time under Alisa’s watchful eye has far exceeded all of my expectations.

I believe there is a certain characteristic of a teacher that cannot be learned.  In other words, you either have “it” or you don’t.  Alisa Luciano has it, in spades.” – Bridget



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