Studio Policies

 Studio Policies


Registering for Lessons

– Lesson registration can be completed at any point during the year.  New students are always welcome and accepted on a rolling basis, as openings in the studio schedule are available.

Student Contracts

– Students (or their parents) are asked to sign a contract, agreeing to studio policies and their lesson responsibilities.


– Ideally, students should attend all scheduled lessons, however sometimes things happen.  We request that students give at least 12 hours notice, if possible, when not attending a lesson.

Make-Up Lessons

– There are 42 weeks of lessons scheduled each year, but the student is charged for only 40 lessons.  The last week of each semester may be used for a make up lesson(s) for a student or teacher absence or inclement weather during the semester.

Tuition Payment

– Tuition is based on 40 lessons.  This schedule accounts for school breaks and holidays. Payment can be made monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.  Payment is due at the first lesson of the month, or the first lesson of the month in which the quarterly payment is due.  Students who pay the full annual tuition at the beginning of the year receive a 10% discount.


– A student may withdraw at any time during the year if necessary, however we do ask that a month’s notice be given, if possible. The student is responsible for payment of the entire semester, regardless of when they withdraw from lessons.


– Refunds are not given if a student withdraws.

Parent Attendance at Lessons

– Parents are more than welcome to attend lessons, if desired.  They are not required to attend, unless the student is a preschool age child and the lesson is set up as a joint parent/child lesson.  There are spaces for parents and siblings to wait at each studio locations.

Changes to Policies

-The Studio reserves the right to make changes to policies as necessary.  Every effort will be made to communicate any changes to students in advance and to avoid undue confusion to families.


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