Studio Policies


Studio Guide

Registering for Lessons

-Lesson registration can be completed at any point during the year.  New students are always welcome and accepted on a rolling basis, as openings in the studio schedule are available.

Practice and Preparation

Students need to create consistent practice routines for individual schedules and as discussed with the teacher.  Students are asked to be prepared for lessons, bringing their books and materials and having completed any assignments from the previous lesson.  Teachers will make the effort to communicate assignments to parents, when applicable.

Attendance/Absences/ Make-Up Lessons

–            Ideally, students should attend all scheduled lessons. We request that students give at least 12 hours notice, when not attending a lesson.  Payment is due for missed lessons, as teachers use the students’ scheduled time as preparation time for future lessons.

–          If the teacher misses a lesson, a makeup lesson will be scheduled.  Otherwise, makeups are given only based upon availability of the teacher. 

Tuition Payment

  • Payment is due at the first lesson each month. Please note: payment is made for four lessons each month. Tuition is based on 40 lessons, accounting for school breaks and holidays. Adjustments are made when students start in the middle of the year, as needed. (If a holiday falls on your lesson day, payment remains the same because months with five weeks are not charged extra.) 
  • Tuition can be paid annually.  Students who pay the full annual tuition at the beginning of the year receive a 5% discount.


–        A student may withdraw at any time during the year if necessary, however we do ask that 30 days notice be given. The student is responsible for payment of the remaining month after notice is given, even if they do not attend the lessons.  Refunds are not given for withdrawals




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